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Aubergines with walnuts

Aubergines (eggplants) with walnuts is a popular Georgian family dish and a perfect appetizer for a party.  Its very easy to make and very healthy! 


500g aubergine

250g chopped walnuts

2 cloves garlic

Spices: ground coriander (1 tsp), ground fenugreek (½ tsp), chilli (1 tsp), fresh parsley, pomegranate seeds as garnish and vinegar 




1. Cut aubergines on the long edge so that you get 4-5 slices and season them. Traditionally, slices are seasoned and fried in oil on a medium heat but baking aubergines in the oven is a much healthier alternative. If you decide to fry them, when both sides have turned a deep golden brown, remove the slices onto kitchen towels so that the extra oil is absorbed. 

2. Combine walnuts, garlic, vinegar, spices and a little bit of water and blend together until you get a paste.

3. Place the aubergines on a board and wait until they have cooled before smoothing them with paste. You can fold them or roll them into parcels and put seeds of pomegranate on top of the aubergines.


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